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SXSW Music

SXSW Music

sxsw music  

Moving onto the music portion of the week. I was able to attendpic5 me and the girlsme and the girlsseveral shows sans badge. Purely out of sheer luck and connections, I had the opportunity to see Shout Out Louds (my new fave), Vampire Weekend, Honey Bears, Radar Brothers and several other random bands. Even had the opportunity to talk to a couple of band members and critics.

pic5      Parish2    

With over 1500 bands in attendance, it would have been impossible to see/hear everything I wanted. Meant to see Kate Bradley, Rogue Wave and Helio Sequence – but time escaped me.

SXSW music is all about timing and patience. Sure the platinum badge was helpful, but most of the venues were at capacity making standing in line inevitable.

me and the girls   pic6

Now, it wouldn’t be a SXSW post without a small comment on the fashion from this year’s conference. Loved the commentary found here.

“Generally speaking, everyone here either looks, a) homeless; b) mentally challenged; or c) both. Which means that I am officially jealous of all of them. Because no matter how ridiculous they all look, they also look totally great, like emaciated, unwashed models in $1,200 jeans, fresh from shooting heroin into their eyeballs or visiting some designer-sneaker boutique in Japan or making out with each other or taking photos of some band that I’ve never heard of. They are the standard-bearers of Hipster Nation, which is as much a state as it is a state of mind, one I cannot begin to comprehend, despite the fact that I desperately want to.” – James Montgomery

Pics of Shout Out Louds






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