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Digg v Mixx v Yahoo Buzz

Considering that 90 percent of my time is dedicated to reading a whole lot of news, I recently decided to extend my “morning read” list to include two new aggregating sites Mixx and Yahoo Buzz.I’ve been a faithful Digg fan since the beginning, so I’m curious to see how the other two compare.


Pros:Think the interface is cleaner and easier to follow. The cluster features is an excellent idea, and I’m curious to see how this Super Mixxer works (TechCrunch post). Would love if the Breaking News hit not just their front page but my screen almost instantly. Also, I dig the local feature. Mildly stalkeresque, but useful nonetheless.

Cons: Since it’s fairly new, the news isn’t as comprehensive and the community is much smaller. But if the features mentioned above work out, I think this site has some legs.

Yahoo Buzz

Pros: A bit torn on the differentiating factor for Buzz. Will fill this area in when I find something. Although, I do like the top search listing on the side.

Cons: The interface and all of the moving parts are a bit overwhelming. Talk about a sensory overload. I kind of enjoy the simplicity of Digg and Mixx over the constantly refreshing “just added” section. Neat idea – poor execution.


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