Lovd by less

Stumbled on this via Hacker News earlier. 

Lovd is an open source social networking solution that has everything you need to start your community. “

Not sure if this will  open the social networking flood gates but interesting to see how many more communities will start popping up and to what degree will these be super niche communities.

Haven’t worked on RoR but have heard gripes about scalability. Now with everyone using the same platform – wonder if these communities will look and feel like the cookie cutter neighborhoods of Texas-suburbia.


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  1. So, it will work pretty well until you get into the hundreds of thousands category. Once you get that far, it’s a good problem to have. I think there’s lots of opportunity to skin these sites, if you get someone who really understands CSS (which is fairly inexpensive for a designer to take a whack at, and I’m going to bet that a community springs up with free themes).

    It’s neat and slightly different from Ning, insofar as Ning is outside the firewall and this is something you can sneak inside, for privacy sake, should an internal-only collaboration network be important.

    (Not that I’ve thought much about this kind of thing). : )

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