Pop-up Comments?

Thinking outloud here, but would LOVE to see one day – “Pop-up comments.”

In the same vain as pop-up video, Viddler and MSFT Word comments, think it would be interesting to have embedded comments on someone’s blog as opposed to listed on the bottom.

Plus, as I am personally inclined to leave sarastic remarks in my own blog, would love to insert those sans (…) to get the point across.

If this has been developed already, let me know!


3 Responses

  1. I’m not sure about blogs; however, I know YouTube is going to start letting people comment directly on videos.

  2. You’re thinking the comments pop up throughout the article? Or they’re AJAXed like they are on my blog?

    You might be on to something though :)… Maybe find someone to make a WordPress plugin?

  3. yo! i’m totally with you!!! i wantz the same.

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