A little lesson from Dirk..


Recently, my mini-schnauzer, Dirk,  has started a peculiar little routine of waking me up at 3:30 am. Jumping up and down next to my bed – then slamming his body across my bedroom door in an attempt to latch onto the doorknob – this has interrupted my sleep cycle for the last two weeks.

As any good dog trainer would advise, DON’T acknowledge the behavior. Unfortunately, at 3:30 am, I’m pretty much at the mercy of my dog. Last night, I finally took the reigns and put him back in his crate so I could sleep.

Ok, so what’s with the dog lesson here? Easy!

Managing new technologies can be tackled the same way. Let it run you down, learn from it, then take charge. Kind of a deconstructionist approach. – Far fetched? ha, maybe.

I meet people everyday – clients mostly – who turn a blind eye to new technology. Whether it be fear and/or unwillingness, it can be a frustrating moment.

Yesterday, Facebook launched its chat feature. Had a great convo with several people about its pros and cons. I, myself, am not a huge fan. I really don’t need my +300 friends IMing me. Nonetheless, you still have to mess around with the features – learn what you like/didn’t like – and own that sucker.

Like Dirk, apps/social networks/blogs/feeds etc. will continuously grow and bombard your life – keep you up at night, if you’re not careful. If you want to get some sleep – peace of mind – remember, you’re the owner.





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  1. nice post… keep up the good work….

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