NERD – It’s in our DNA

Please welcome, my little sis – Joy – into the real world. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of participating in her graduation activities. Following my grandfather’s and uncle’s footsteps, she’s now the proud owner of a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Since seventh grade, Joy lusted over the possibility of attending Notre Dame. Well, she finally lived that dream and accomplished her goal! Congratulations!

Despite our differences (i.e. eating habits, political views, and general perspective of the world – yeah I believe you can have more than 7 good days in a year), we undoubtedly share the NERD gene. I’m a little more English and she’s a little more math. But, in any case, we are the products of a fine pedigree of doctors, engineers and lawyers. To toot our family horn a bit, our specialities run from neurosurgery to chemistry to political activists – the expectation to succeed comes before we even learn to walk.

To say the least, I’m proud of my sis and can’t wait to see her exceed in her field. For more pics check out my Flickr photostream!


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