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Summer time blues

Having the worst case of the summer time blues FUN!

After working on my videos and revamping my blog for the past 12 hours, I feel exhausted. Not sure what the deal is, but I don’t even feel like Twittering (partially due to its unreliability). Maybe I’m all social-networked out? Is that possible?

Perhaps, it’s something else…

Yuck –

EDIT:Ok, so scratch that and everything I mentioned above. It’s officially 5:45 am, and at a time when I’m usually rising out of bed to hit the gym and head to work, this time – I’m about to turn in for the night. Despite everything that was weighing on my mind earlier Saturday afternoon, I was able to readjust and had a fantastic time hanging with the usual suspects (@imdane @cesart @johnerik @jon100 &  @rockgirl+ The Rachels). I’m growing quite accustomed to being the one of two – or only – lady in the group (makes for great awkward conversations at TacoC).

In any case, tonight was the quintessential example of a classic Texas summer. After wandering up and down the Warehouse District and Sixth Street in the sweltering jungle heat of Texas, we found ourselves once again at the Beauty Bar. Cramped with scenesters, it reeked of body odor and unwashed hair. The skinny jeans were plentiful and the music was electrofantastic. Even after having water poured on me, it felt miserably hot. Before leaving, we had decided to 1) go to a dance after party 2) go to Barton Springs for a late night dip.

Low and behold, we were true to our word. The first stop was a quaint little house party equipped with the standard keg, piece and hipster d.j. In about an hour, we decided to move the party to Barton Springs. When we got there, I got a tad antsy and wandered off until @johnerik caught up. We ran up the trail and hopped down a poorly lit staircase down to the water. Everyone eventually caught up and jumped right in. Who doesn’t like a little late night swim in their skivvies?

The water was freezing, but felt so refreshing. After 30 minutes and one too many exposed body parts, everyone hopped out and made the final pit stop of the evening – Taco Cabana. Imagine what the conversation might have been like – strip out the appropriateness – and multiply that by four. Yeah, it was awkward and hilarious.

Needless to say, I’m exhausted and sleeping  in. If tonight was any indication of the rest of the summer, it’s going to be a fun one J

UPDATE: Check out these pictures from @imdane’s Flickr stream

P.S. Cliff jumping on Monday – be there!



One Response

  1. Glad I could be a part of your pick-me-up last weekend. It was fun!

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