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Ever Summized yourself?

Hoping this won’t read like a very self-involved egotistical ranting, but have you ever Summized yourself? **Please, i know you’ve googled yourself before.**

So why do I ask? Well, last week, I was in San Francisco attending BlogHer 2008. My quick and dirty recap of the conference:

The conference was eye-opening (mommyblogging what?), the content so-so and the people – extraordinary. Per usual, I gained the most value meeting new folks and from the hallway conversations. It was definitely a different perspective and audience. It was great to hear everyone’s  perspective on blogging. I guess, I’m just more information driven and not looking for the emotional – “here is my life and everything you wanted to know about it” connection. I look for news and tips/tricks.

WIll I attend again next year? More than likely not.

While at the conference, Twitter was down for a scheduled maintenance. By now, we are all well aware of Twitter’s constant Fail Whale floating to the top of the internets.  I decided to check for missing @ replies. Luckily, it worked and I found several that I had missed earlier that week.

Should I have to summize myself? Absolutely not.

Is it better than googling myself? Only because it makes me feel less narcissistic.

Will I do it again? Only, if I see that damn whale again.


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