<— ME

Title is pretty self-explanatory. 

This is my personal blog. (CAVEAT: My opinions do not reflect and/or are affliated with the agency I work for).

I’m an avid people watcher, world traveler and communications freak. I love a good story and enjoy sharing my thoughts, which is precisely the reason for this attempt in the first place.

I work in high-tech PR and am based in Austin, TX. Feel free to ping me at me091782 {at} gmail.com or add me on twitter: gloriakt.

EDIT –> So I realized that a ton of traffic goes through this page.. Thus, I thought I’d divulge a couple of more fun facts:

  • Social media/digital strategist (apparently, someone at work thinks I know what I’m talking about)
  • Novice blogger
  • Pseudo-hipster/emo kid, sans the hoodie and general lack of happiness
  • HUGE sports fan (esp. football, but you probably already guessed that)
  • Wii lover
  • Networking addict
  • Voracious reader
  • Knowledge sponge
  • Wanna be scholar



One Response

  1. I noticed you following me on Twitter, and also that you’re starting a hyperlocal project. Contact me on Dani.Fong at google’s mail. I’m working on something that may be of interest to you.

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