While watching the Olympics..

I’m spending the first half of my Tuesday night catching up on the Olympic events I missed last night. From diving to swimming to gymnastics, so many sports – so little time.

Is anyone else suffering from complete envy while watching? And, I’m not just referring to everyone’s amazing physique.

Instead, I’m alluding to the range of emotional and mental stretching each athlete must endure. From the excitement of the opening ceremonies to the disappointment of losing a race, talk about flexing your emotional capacity.

I think . . .

  • What must it feel like to walk into a stadium filled with deafening cheers.
  • How do you control your nerves and stay calm?
  • What is it like to see your counterpart and arch-nemesis across from you?
  • How does it feel to know that everything you’ve worked for will be defined in the next two-minutes?
  • When it’s all over, what’s next?

I **can’t** even fathom the elation one must feel breaking a world record or winning gold.

Why would I want to experience this? Easy, to remind myself that I’m still living.

So, where can I turn to for an equivalent?


Ever Summized yourself?

Hoping this won’t read like a very self-involved egotistical ranting, but have you ever Summized yourself? **Please, i know you’ve googled yourself before.**

So why do I ask? Well, last week, I was in San Francisco attending BlogHer 2008. My quick and dirty recap of the conference:

The conference was eye-opening (mommyblogging what?), the content so-so and the people – extraordinary. Per usual, I gained the most value meeting new folks and from the hallway conversations. It was definitely a different perspective and audience. It was great to hear everyone’s  perspective on blogging. I guess, I’m just more information driven and not looking for the emotional – “here is my life and everything you wanted to know about it” connection. I look for news and tips/tricks.

WIll I attend again next year? More than likely not.

While at the conference, Twitter was down for a scheduled maintenance. By now, we are all well aware of Twitter’s constant Fail Whale floating to the top of the internets.  I decided to check for missing @ replies. Luckily, it worked and I found several that I had missed earlier that week.

Should I have to summize myself? Absolutely not.

Is it better than googling myself? Only because it makes me feel less narcissistic.

Will I do it again? Only, if I see that damn whale again.

Girls in Tech – Texas style?

Last week while surfing Mashable, I stumbled upon the Girls in Tech (GIT) SF event which featured a great line-up of women in tech speakers. Coveting 1) the location 2) the stellar line-up, I decided to contact Adriana Gascoigne first hand. Really, I just wanted to know if she was planning on hosting these types of events outside of the Bay Area.

To my surprise, I received an email back from Adriana asking me if I wanted to head-up the GIT chapter for Texas. (SWEET) What an interesting proposition. I think it would be super beneficial and a great way to bring everyone together.

But, I have three reservations – and would appreciate your opinions on them:

  1. I’m embarking on a fairly ambitious project – meeting everyone on my Dream Big list. Which would you like to see really happen? I think I could swing both projects, but thought I’d gauge interest.
  2. Know my social calendar is filling up quickly (shocking!, I know) so yours must be too. Do we really need ANOTHER group?
  3. I would need help – a second in command. Plus, as large as Texas is, I’m going to need a network of ladies from all the major areas. ANY TAKERS?

Would love to make this happen, but also want to be cognizant of possible road blocks. Also, I’m toying with the idea of being non-affiliated. Thoughts?


Think about it..


Vodpod videos no longer available. from www.ted.com posted with vodpod


Great video from Amy Tan at TED 2008 – “Where does creativity hide?”

Like to throw out Amy’s question for all of you out there:

Why do we take on knowledge, take on assumptions, that people have given us?