SF Recap

If you haven’t heard (which clearly means you live under a rock), I was in San Francisco for the past 10 days attending several events and meeting a slew of amazing people.

Overall, the entire trip can be best classified as a non-stop adrenaline roller coaster of craziness. To say I can capture the majority of what I saw, experienced and heard would be lying.

From WordCamp to the after party to Event Apart to the Giants game to Citizen Space to visiting the Digg offices to Yoono to the Golden Gate Bridge to the Mashable party to karaoke to CBSi to Sausalito to Muir woods-  *phew* – the best part, the people.

My plug for social media –> I met quite a few people in real life, which without tools would have been missed.

Many many thanks to our gracious host(s): @marianne_m, @khartline, @kcuneo and @ttoste. Speaking on behalf of the Texas group, we could not have had better hosts to welcome us to the city.

I could write an entire novel based solely on our adventures over the past week. More than happy to go into detail offline, but to recap on here would be unjust.

Also, much much love to these three guys. Without them, this trip would have been incredibly dull.

If I learned one thing from this trip, I’m surrounded by some amazing people.


Make it count

Saw this tweet earlier today and was automatically intrigued:

@missrogue I really like the grassroots nature of this project: http://www.girleffect.org Many microfunding units prefer to lend to women as well.

Mesmerized by the eye-catching flash animation and succinct, but well-chosen phrases, I felt compelled to continue clicking.



Normally, I would have lost interest far in advance, but it was so well made, and it told an interesting story. Guess, the quality should be expected when the site’s champions include;

  • The Nike Foundation
  • NoVa Foundation
  • UN Foundation
  • International Center of Research on Women
  • Population Council

The “Girl Effect” brings to the surface what seems to be a logical concept.  “Girls are the most likely agents of change, but they are invisible to their societies and to our media.”

Upon exploring a bit more, a light bulb sparked. Recently, I’ve observed what I recognize as the next iteration of social & corporate responsibility. By now, the phrase “democratization of the Internet” has been seared into our heads. But, in all seriousness, this movement coupled with a heightened awareness of social injustice is sparking an evolution. No longer should one feel dis-empowered by a lack of funding or resources. Instead, the slew of tools has, as many have noted, leveled the playing field.

From these large initiatives to smaller regional causes (i.e. Austin Tweet-up Blood Drive), why not ensure that your content is more than just fluff. The interwebs is loaded with useless frivolous crap.Why not make yours count?

**Keep your eye out for the upcoming #atbd case study and mash-up.

Catching up

Know it’s been awhile since I’ve contributed to this blog, and I’m starting to sound like a broken record. I hope to remedy this moving forward.

more photos from Michael Cummings *ace photographer*

more photos from Michael Cummings *ace photographer*

Quick rewind on everything that has transpired in the last two months:

  • Launched Austin 3.0
  • Travel
  • InnovationCamp
  • Travel
  • Mexico
  • BlogHer
  • Travel
  • SocialMediaCamp/SummerMash
  • iPhoneDevCamp Austin
  • Conjunctured officially launches

..upcoming, you guessed it, travel.

Needless to say, I’m juggling quite a few things right now. But, as the sayings go: you only live once and I can sleep when I’m dead

Have also recently found myself back in Facebook land more so than I had been. Despite my initial hesitance of the redesign, I’ve actually found it more useful. Shh, don’t tell twitter.

In any case, like I had mentioned, trying to get back into the swing of things on this site. Will have several posts in the next couple of days. Also, for ONCE this month, I am staying put and will be in the city for the weekend.

Be on the lookout for more on social media breeding social responsibility, reviews on a couple of new products and my insights on learning Cocoa.

Feeling better already..

Test 1..2..3

Testing new iPhone/WP application!
Very cool =] thanks to Marianne for sending me the link right at launch.

Interested to see how this will alter the blogging race: now has even quicker access to their blog. Talk about lightening fast turn around for posts, as if there wasn’t enough pressure to get the scoop.

Kudos to those in the WP camp for making this possible for us nerds! Now, my iPhone can be a one stop shop.

Love the picture load and preview capabilities! Anyone know when/where one can add links?



Know it’s been quite sometime since I’ve written a genuinely thought provoking post – hell, not sure if I have yet or not. But, I recently decided to check the numbers on a couple of the videos.

Steady and sure, each are picking up great traction (e.g. DreamBig video #1 and @garyvee’s Austin visit). However, most surprising was the Twittter cliff jumping video. I literally slapped that together in about four hours. It has over 1,200 views and more than 675 trackbacks. w00t! Also, it was recently featured on Viddler Blog as a community spotlight piece.

Needless to say, I’m seriously considering a sequel.

Also, would love to say thanks the Austin community for their continued support to Austin 3.0. Joey and I are quite impressed by the responses we’ve received from the tech community. We’ll be at all of the upcoming events, so please make sure to stop by and say hello.

Lastly, as if I don’t neglect this blog enough, I will be heading out on a string of trips for the next couple of weeks. Most notably, I will be heading to San Francisco. Watch out Bay Area. I’m hoping to meet a ton of people and to rep Austin!

So, if you’re in the area and want to meetup, drop me a line. Oh! I suddenly have an idea for a mash-up sequel featuring SF Twits. Let’s make it happen!

Keep it moving..

Have felt a sudden guilt for ignoring this blog, but I can’t help but concentrate on the Austin 3.0

I’ve been feverishly working on a post about the history of Austin Tech scene – hopefully it will be well worth it.

On a completely different note, wanted to put this out there for anyone looking for an internship in tech and has a love for music. The MusicFile is looking for a summer intern. Do you know anyone qualified?

Please feel free to pass this along!




New Orleans Recap

Sweet digs!

Finally back from a much needed vacation. Had a great time in New Orleans hanging out with some great folks. Tons of food, lots of sight-seeing, tons of food, catching up with old friends and TONS of FOOD.

While in NOLA, I had the ability to sit back and read a bit. Caught up on some short stories and finally passed the first chapter of the Wisdom of Crowds. And true to form of a never disconnected internet addict, I checked almost everything via mobile. Have to love that!

Needless to say, I’m on a detox plan for the next two weeks. Then, it’s off to Mexico!

Check out my flickr stream here.