Quotes of Wisdom – sort of

Didn’t want to lose my incredible wall of quotes from Facebook, so I decided to create an honorary page here. .

Reminder: These are quotes from my incredible friends, who say, well the darndest things!

“We only really get a nibble of God”
“I’m channeling my inner-Dallas”
“Have you ever had a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit from Jack n the Box?”
“I’m not judgey”
“I hope you find someone soon, so we can talk about her behind her back”
“I love passing judgement on other people”
“Not to be nasty, but she’s ugly”
“she’s in an open source relationship”
“especially, when it’s cold outside, and all you want to do is cuddle with someone, but you end up cuddling with yourself”
“i’m not metrosexual, I just have gay tendencies”
“Have we moved onto gay matchmaking?”
“(m) Promise not to leave me behind if someone plants drugs in my bag..(s) I promise. .and I promise not to plant the drugs myself”
“it’s cold in my office, but whenever i put on a sweater..my arm pits gets sweaty”
“Fraternities are really more of a fantasy of mine”
“nope, he’s still pretty beta male”
“No one’s fat and some people eat chocolate”
“I’m not better than them, I shouldn’t be so judgey”
“Where did all of these minorities come from? I thought I was in Dallas?”
“You had to do the walk of shame..back to your parent’s house?”
“91 miiles outside of boston is in bumblefuck Massachusetts”
“Wo! Is that the pimp calling the don a holiday ho-ho-ho?”
“i just wanted to play tag, i never thought i’d be it”
“did you get me a present?…is one of them miles austin naked in a box?”
“(v)  i guess she just liked my sweet nectar..(m) gross”
“gotta keep my kids in check, since they’ll be taller than me”
“still love battlestar galactica..it’s so awesome”
“I don’t feel depressed and then go oh, maybe lesbianism will help me feel better”
 “(v) I can hit a ten..(B) I’ve got nine one’s for you – they’re midget prostitutes – and I’ll owe you one.”
“(M) dude, did you just hump my chair? …(J) twice..”
“oh did you know wearing jeans too tight can cause a phsyical disorder than can result in leg amputation?…
take that hipsters!”


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