Make it count

Saw this tweet earlier today and was automatically intrigued:

@missrogue I really like the grassroots nature of this project: Many microfunding units prefer to lend to women as well.

Mesmerized by the eye-catching flash animation and succinct, but well-chosen phrases, I felt compelled to continue clicking.



Normally, I would have lost interest far in advance, but it was so well made, and it told an interesting story. Guess, the quality should be expected when the site’s champions include;

  • The Nike Foundation
  • NoVa Foundation
  • UN Foundation
  • International Center of Research on Women
  • Population Council

The “Girl Effect” brings to the surface what seems to be a logical concept.  “Girls are the most likely agents of change, but they are invisible to their societies and to our media.”

Upon exploring a bit more, a light bulb sparked. Recently, I’ve observed what I recognize as the next iteration of social & corporate responsibility. By now, the phrase “democratization of the Internet” has been seared into our heads. But, in all seriousness, this movement coupled with a heightened awareness of social injustice is sparking an evolution. No longer should one feel dis-empowered by a lack of funding or resources. Instead, the slew of tools has, as many have noted, leveled the playing field.

From these large initiatives to smaller regional causes (i.e. Austin Tweet-up Blood Drive), why not ensure that your content is more than just fluff. The interwebs is loaded with useless frivolous crap.Why not make yours count?

**Keep your eye out for the upcoming #atbd case study and mash-up.