While watching the Olympics..

I’m spending the first half of my Tuesday night catching up on the Olympic events I missed last night. From diving to swimming to gymnastics, so many sports – so little time.

Is anyone else suffering from complete envy while watching? And, I’m not just referring to everyone’s amazing physique.

Instead, I’m alluding to the range of emotional and mental stretching each athlete must endure. From the excitement of the opening ceremonies to the disappointment of losing a race, talk about flexing your emotional capacity.

I think . . .

  • What must it feel like to walk into a stadium filled with deafening cheers.
  • How do you control your nerves and stay calm?
  • What is it like to see your counterpart and arch-nemesis across from you?
  • How does it feel to know that everything you’ve worked for will be defined in the next two-minutes?
  • When it’s all over, what’s next?

I **can’t** even fathom the elation one must feel breaking a world record or winning gold.

Why would I want to experience this? Easy, to remind myself that I’m still living.

So, where can I turn to for an equivalent?