When it rains it pours.

I had to take a moment to document that I think I maybe suffering from adult onset A.D.D. And, I personally blame it on communities such as Plurk.com and now, iminlikewithyou.

Holy, every time I log into these communities, I feel suddenly very frantic and schizo. Keeping up with the conversations is nearly impossible on Plurk. Last night, I logged on to find over 450 unread messages and a lower karma rating (all of which discouraged me to log back on tonight). On iminlikewithyou, the interface along side the pop-up messages can be overwhelming. Talk about over stimulation.

My biggest pet peeve remains the “finding friends” options on both sites. It’s nearly impossible and requires a ton of leg work. Why can’t all of the communities just automatically populate my friends list? I’d be more than willing to put my friends in the cloud if it means that I won’t have to use a sub-par search function. But, I digress.

Now, when I’m away from my keyboard, my attention span zips back and forth as if I were participating in these communities. Obviously, this claim is not based on scientific fact. However, thought I’d throw it out there as a cautionary statement for all of those who are about to sign up for iminlikewithyou or yet to have their cherry plurked.