My votes for SXSWi 2009

It’s SXSW Interactive time! kind of…

Panel Picker is up and running. If I were to have my ideal set of panels to attend, I’d have the following on my

This is just a quick glimpse. I voted for WAY more (lots of Austin love etc. .). In any case, check the list out for yourself and remember to vote before August 29.


SXSW Music

SXSW Music

sxsw music  

Moving onto the music portion of the week. I was able to attendpic5 me and the girlsme and the girlsseveral shows sans badge. Purely out of sheer luck and connections, I had the opportunity to see Shout Out Louds (my new fave), Vampire Weekend, Honey Bears, Radar Brothers and several other random bands. Even had the opportunity to talk to a couple of band members and critics.

pic5      Parish2    

With over 1500 bands in attendance, it would have been impossible to see/hear everything I wanted. Meant to see Kate Bradley, Rogue Wave and Helio Sequence – but time escaped me.

SXSW music is all about timing and patience. Sure the platinum badge was helpful, but most of the venues were at capacity making standing in line inevitable.

me and the girls   pic6

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SXSW 2008

So let’s jump into what you guys are really here to read.

SXSW Interactive –


Much like the rest of SXSW – interactive was a blur of panels, parties and people (like the alliteration?) .

And as a first-time SXSW attendee, it felt like a large conundrum.

Everything  was engaging, but at times awkward. The topics were informative, yet seemed simple. The people were nice, yet cliquey – kind of like high school where instead of the popular football jocks, you have the kids who could own @ Rock Band. Also, if you ever want to feel insignificant, nothing can top being in a room full of aspiring 23 year-old CEOs.

Back to the conundrum. It was interesting to hear and talk to what seemed like two types of interactive attendees. There were those who drank the kool-aid if you will (the Internet rockstars, gamers and devs). Then, there were those who were intermittent participants – people like myself. One person said: “What these guys don’t realize is that outside of this world, no one twitters.” Realized how invaluable it is to have a foot in both worlds.

Heard several comments/discussions in regards to social media – reality vs. Internet personas. Overheard a conversation in line of a guy grappling between the way he approached people in person versus his seemingly Casanova-like approach over the Internet.

It was a non-stop technology overload with constant elevator pitches for start-ups and killer ideas that will surely change the way we ultimately communicate (like fireeagle, socialthing etc. . ) The spectrum of innovation is endless, which seems appropriate for the Internet age.

Overall, wouldn’t trade in the five days for anything else. Below are some highlights: Continue reading



Finally decided to jump on the bandwagon. Interestingly or inspired, whichever you’d prefer, starting the blog coincided with SXSW. I was asked during the GMA to give a recap of my learnings and decided that my head would implode trying to describe the entire experience.

I figured blogging would allow me to coherently chronicle what I’ve learned.

The entire conference has been an adventure in observing different sects of people. Watching them converge into the small metropolitan area of Austin, TX, and observing how these interactions translate. Thus, I decided to title the blog “Outside Looking-in” because it was precisely how I felt. Reminded me of the Twilight Zone episode of the children who could choose their family by observing her to-be parents behind a double-sided mirror.

Starting – and probably most relevant – to those who asked me to recap, see jump for SXSWi notes and thoughts. I’ll move into movies and music as well.

If there’s one thing I learned from attending those endless panels – comments/feedback are key. So bring them on.